Sitting at Jesus’ Feet – Matthew 26:1-13 Sermon

The Anointing of Jesus

Mary of Bethany is an underrated disciple of the Bible.  She is only mentioned a few times but her character shines through clearly.  She is a friend of Jesus.  She is devoted to Him.  She can be found in each of her main sections of scripture at an important place:

At Jesus’s feet.

She is seen at least three times relating to Jesus from a position of total submission, respect, and love.  She is ready to hear from Him and be taught.   Perhaps this explains this extraordinary scene in Matthew 26 where Mary takes something of great value of hers and pours it out completely for Jesus.  Mary is alone of the disciples who seems to actually hear Jesus’ teachings and know He is leaving them soon.  She, therefore, gives Him all she has and is rewarded for it. She trusts Jesus for her future and God honors her for all eternity.

Join us as we go through this wonderful passage.



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