Thought for the Day: Blessed Inadequacy

I get really uncomfortable when people call the church that I pastor “your church” or the people “your congregation”.   I will make a point to say that it is not my church or my people even though I know what they mean.  Why?  It is not my church, it is Jesus’ church.  When Jesus tells Peter that upon the rock of his confession of faith He will build His church, the language involved is emphatic.  There is no mistake possible, it is His church and His people and I never wish to disagree.

From a personal perspective, I also make the point of correcting people on something that may seem minor because I am well aware of my inadequacy.  If it is up to me alone to lead a church and help people, I am in really big trouble.  There is absolutely nothing special about me as a Christian.  I am just a beggar who found bread and wants to tell others where to get some too.

If it is my church and they are my people, this weakness becomes quickly apparent as I am asked to do things that I never could possibly do.  No man can be another’s Holy Spirit.  No man can change another’s life for Christ.  No man can lead others into the presence of God.  No man can take the role that Jesus clearly and emphatically sets out for Himself as head of the church.  Only God Himself is up for this job.  It is the reason why it is His church and His people.

When I understand that truth, my own lack of ability in the face of the problems of life and I seek God’s awesome provision though something wonderful happens.  My own weakness becomes a blessing.  If I had the strength to do something then I wouldn’t need my Lord’s intercession and deliverance.   If I did not need the Lord to step in and fix things then I would not be amazed and filled with praises when He does.

Jesus even turns my own inadequacy into a blessing.  He is that great of a Savior!  Trust Him!


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