Be Grateful Always

It has been said that grumbling and complaining are the language of hell. Praise and worship are the language of heaven.

Rejoice always!  It can seem like an impossible challenge sometimes.  This life can be really hard. There is loss, pain, and sorrow.  Darkness can feel like it is swallowing is whole.  But that is just our perception, not reality.  If we are in Jesus, we have been chosen by God Himself.  He has adopted us into His family and given us an eternity of perfect joy and peace.  This life and its challenges have already been overcome for us by the blood of the Lamb!  It is in light of  this gift we have been given already and what is to come we can always rejoice.  Always!

This does not mean we do not feel pain or pretend that we enjoy injustice.  Paul and Silas did not enjoy being beaten and thrown into a fetid prison for no reason in Philippi.  They were physically miserable and treated terribly.  They did rejoice and sing praises because they loved pain or the prison.  They did so because they knew what Jesus had done for them and knew that He was still on the throne.  They also knew that He was in charge of the circumstances.

Be Grateful Pastor Unlikely

Gratitude is simply the recognition of how great Jesus is. It is built on an understanding of what Jesus has already done that no one can take away.  It is reinforced by faith that as long as we are still breathing, Jesus is not done working through us for good.

God had chosen us from all of His Creations to share eternity with Him in joy.  He has made us His children and guides us daily.  He does not wish that any would perish.  He works all things for good.

Do we remember these truths daily?

Choose your attitude and words wisely!

Gratitude Pastor Unlikely

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