Walking in Wisdom and Redeeming the Time – Encouragement from the Bible

Worship and Sunday Church from Ephesians 5

The world is evil.  This may seem like a startling statement but it is a consistent truth from the Bible.  It has been so since Adam and Eve ate the fruit in the Garden and sin entered the world.  Jesus was born in a world filled with darkness.  It has remained so for the past 2,000 years.  You just can see this fact clearer when times are tough.  The fallen and fragile nature of humanity becomes all the more clearer when life is scary.

Thankfully, Jesus provides the answer to this darkness.  He is the Light of the World.  His light is so much more than a candle in the night.  He is like an immensely powerful lighthouse piercing a black night.  He is like the pillar of fire guiding all people to safety and security.  The night cannot hide the shining light.

Jesus then gives us this light upon salvation.  You can shine just as brightly.  You can bring Jesus to the scariest situations.  You can make a difference.  Paul tells us how to do it.

Walk in Wisdom.  Be intentional.  Redeem the Time…because the days are evil.


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