5 Must See Christian Movies

5 Christian Movies Every Christian Should See

I love most Christian movies.  It can be a cheesy romance or an early Kirk Cameron film and I will watch it with tears streaming down into my popcorn.  Jesus themed movies just speak to me.  There are a few Christian movies that markedly stand out from the crowd though.  These are the ones that put it all together.  They combine solid storytelling, good production value and a clear Biblical foundation to reach the audience for the Lord.  These the movies that encouraged me in my walk with Jesus.

Here is my list of 5 excellent movies that I recommend every Christian should see at least once.


1.  The Passion of the Christ – This is an easy one and most readers have seen this Mel Gibson classic.  In case you missed it, this 2004 telling of the Crucifixion narrative is just powerful.  Covering the final 12 hours before the Cross and with subtitles, it brings the last day of the Lord to life in a way that is unforgettable.  Jim Caviezel gives a great performance as Jesus.

2.  The Case for Christ – This 2017 film tells the story behind the best selling apologetics book of the same name.  Lee Strobel is a hotshot newspaper reporter who is too smart to believe in God. When his wife finds Jesus, Lee sets out to apply his professional investigative reporter skills to disprove her new faith.  A particularly touching movie if you came to faith as an adult like me.  The Case for Christ Review

3.  I Can Only Imagine – This 2018 film tells the story behind MercyMe’s chart-topping song of the same name, but is so much more than that.  It is a wonderful story of redemption based upon the life of Bart Millard, their lead singer.  Just a great movie.  I Can Only Imagine Review

4.  Paul, Apostle of Christ – Another 2018 movie.  You may see a trend but the recent Christian movie releases have been really well done.  This historical epic tells the story of Paul’s last days in prison in Rome before his execution.  Again, it is so much more than that.  Paul is like the Christian version of the old Cop buddy movie as it depicts the friendship and cooperation of he and Luke as they seek to preserve the Word of God and reach those around them.  Paul, Apostle of Christ Review

5.  Woodlawn – Set in the midst of the worst of the violence and hatred of the deep south’s fight against the end of segregation, Woodlawn tells a story of revival through a football movie.  Woodlawn High School is being torn apart by racial tension when the same fire that fueled the Jesus People revival breaks out and changes everyone involved.  This movie wonderfully portrays how it is Jesus who solves the worst of our societal problems.

6.  Courageous – I know I said 5 movies so this is a bonus.  Courageous is not as polished a film as the others on the list.  Despite this, it is a wonderful film about Jesus, fatherhood and the challenges that come against families in the world we face today.  Much like its predecessors, Fireproof, Facing the Giants and Flywheel, you know that you are getting a bit of a sermon with Courageous but it is one that is as enjoyable as it is impactful.

What about you?  What are your must-see Christian movies?  Any I need to add to the list?  What do you think of mine?

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7 thoughts on “5 Must See Christian Movies
  1. Thanks for this, I was unaware of some of the more recent ones. I’m going to hunt down “Paul, Apostle …” and the “Case for Christ” immediately

  2. Great choices for the movies, Tom. I definitely want to see Paul, Apostle of Christ, The Case for Christ, and I Can Only Imagine.

    Although I try to watch the Passion of the Christ, it’s just something about the truth, but also the agonizing suffering that Jesus went through that I don’t watch it and actively avoid trying to watch it.

    1. Thanks and yes, The Passion is rough to watch. It is the reason that I said watch at least once. I appreciate the movie greatly and it gave me more understanding of what Jesus went through for us, but I don’t like watching it.

  3. I also rate The Passion #1; uncomfortable to watch, but deepens my love for Jesus. Haven’t yet seen the others, but I will. I want to recommend some others, not made for Christians per se, nor explicitly Christian, yet they demonstrate Christian values in the crucible of battle: Braveheart; when William Wallace is being tortured, his willingness to die for his principles and his final cry “FREEDOM” reminds us of the ultimate commitment to our faith. Black Hawk Down; the willingness to give your life for others is demonstrated by the Delta snipers Randy Shughart and Gary Gordon, who were warned repeatedly that they were probably forfeiting their lives but who still insisted to be put on the ground to try to save a helicopter crew.

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