5 Underrated Christian Movies – The Dramas

5 Underrated Christian Movies – The Drama Edition

Looking for something to watch for Movie Night?  Tired of the choice between trashy movies and ones you have seen a hundred times?  Here are some lesser-known Christian movies to try out for this weekend that you may enjoy.  This is the Drama Edition so have tissues handy as these movies seriously pull the heartstrings.  They also deal with serious adult sin issues so parental screening is recommended.

    1. Homerun – This 2013 drama is one of my favorite movies.  It is the story of a baseball player struggling with alcoholism fueled by childhood abuse.  A crisis in his life forces him to return to his hometown to face his past and the people he left behind in his chase for success.  Just a wonderful story. My Review is here.
    2. Let There Be Light  – This new movie stars Kevin Sorbo as the most famous atheist in the world, Solomon Harkins whose life fell apart after losing his young son to cancer.  His world of misery and debauchery is turned upside down after a car accident leaves him dead for 4 minutes.  Sorbo’s wife and two sons play his family in the film which is a fun additional aspect to watch.  This was a definitely a tear jerker.
    3. The Song – A modern retelling of the Book of Ecclesiastes, this movie is rough to watch but very rich.  Jed King is the son of a very flawed country struggling to make his own way when he meets his wife.  She inspires him to write “The Song” that catapults him to his own stardom that nearly destroys him.  Again, some tough content such as drug addiction and adultery but overall a good message.
    4. Where Hope Grows – A story of a washed-up baseball player who cannot adjust to life after the major leagues.  He is aimlessly drinking his life away when he meets “Produce” an employee of the local supermarket with Down’s Syndrome who enjoys giving people hugs.  Produce’s love and hope impact everyone around him.  I love Produce!
    5. The Encounter – Though not as polished as the other films on the list, The Encounter is a thought-provoking movie.  A group of strangers who are all headed down the wrong path is brought together on a stormy night for an encounter with Jesus.  Bruce Marchiano as Jesus gets me every time.

Personally, I just love these stories of redemption and I hope you do as well.  Come back and let me know what you think when you watch them.


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7 thoughts on “5 Underrated Christian Movies – The Dramas
  1. My wife and I really enjoyed “The Encounter” and its sequel – The Encounter: Paradise Lost (I think). An unusual concept but well done, and we also loved Bruce Marchiano’s performance!

    1. Hi Don – we enjoyed the sequel as well though I liked the first better. There is also a series of the same name. Bruce Marchiano has a great job. He gets to play Jesus in a bunch of movies and he does a good job of it.

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