Galatians: Fighting for Your Freedom in Christ

Do You Want to be Free

Are you weighed down? Are you burdened in your walk in Christ?

It may be guilt or shame dragging at you. It may be the expectations and demands of other people. It may be your church culture. It even could be your own internal drive to succeed and achieve in Christ. You may be trying to please those around you.

You don’t have to be!

There are lots of possible reasons to feel less than on fire for Jesus. The great news is none of them are true. They are also not from Jesus. He set you entirely free in Him at the moment of salvation.

You are beloved and answer to Him alone. He calls you to leave all that other stuff behind and just follow Him – He is the Good Shepherd.

This is amazingly freeing. This is exciting. It is where the fire is.

The huge question is are you willing to trust Him…or is trusting yourself and your own plans working out well for you?

This is the most exciting series of messages the Lord has led me through. It is real freedom – will you take it?


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