God’s Grace is Greater than Your Regret

Learn from the Israelites and Rahab

Are you filled with regret over past choices? Have you turned away from God and followed your own way? Do you fear that God has had enough of your failure and will never allow you to do good for Him again?

Learn from the Israelites encounter with Rahab.

The Isrealites waste many opportunities to serve God. They are a stiff-necked and disobedient people. They throw away the Promise Land when they rebel with the report of the 10 spies.  Yet, God does not give up on them. He teaches, leads, and even disciplines them. He does not give up, though.

When they have turned back to God there are always opportunities to serve waiting for you.

God’s grace covers your failure and opens up a future of seeing God’s glory. You just have to be willing to grab onto it.



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