Shall we not accept adversity from God? | Lora Ziebro

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Shall we not accept adversity from God? | Lora Ziebro
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I believe the reality is that when chaos takes our breath away, often our first response is quite human…We do go the “angry at God” road, we question, we ask ”Why me?”…sometimes we even turn away for a season as our hearts try to understand and heal from something we thought wouldn’t be permitted from God. I don’t think many of us approach the hardship of Job’s measure with the grace that he did from the onset. I believe it takes contemplating the person of God and wrestling with His character. I think it takes time and a season where He enters in and begins to heal our wounds. I know God can bear the weight of our wrestling. He doesn’t forget that we are but dust.

Maybe you have even felt like Job’s wife. No one really discusses her as the mother of the children who died and the wife of the one who is suffering. She seems to fall to the back of the story but she shows the humanity of loss. Not that we should “curse God and die”, but the comments we make when God moves in a way that we don’t understand. She speaks with anguish from a startled, confused, and broken heart that unfortunately led to a moment of contempt as Satan uses her pain as his weapon. Pain can go either way and God’s shoulders can bear our heartbreak.

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