Michael Ketterer’s Amazing Testimony: America’s Got Talent Contestant on I am Second

America’s Got Talent’s Michael Ketterer Tells His Story

Michael Ketterer is testifying for Jesus while competing on America’s Got Talent.  If you haven’t seen his work, Michael is a church worship leader who is making a strong impression on millions.  His initial performance of the song he wrote about his sacrificial love for his family brought even the judges to tears.  It was simple, powerful, sincere and passionate.  It reminded me of this post about Jordan Peterson – 5 Things the Church can Learn from Jordan Peterson.  There is no elaborate proclamation of doctrine involved, just the simple, straightforward, unashamed love of a disciple of Christ for others.

Michael and his wife sat down with the folks of I am Second and told more of their wonderful story.  Our whole family enjoyed it.  This is the current top comment on the Youtube page:

I don’t believe in God but after hearing story’s like this makes me wonder.

Michael Ketterer also put out a great new worship song to check out – Spirit Lead Me that we have on constant replay here in our house.  Great stuff!   Check it out!

Michael Kettterer’s I am Second

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Jesus Love You!

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3 thoughts on “Michael Ketterer’s Amazing Testimony: America’s Got Talent Contestant on I am Second
  1. I love your story. I love your family and Michael Ketterer i do believe you were sent by our father to do very special things. You have a magical voice. A magical way about you. Your eyes show that you love and that you have a big heart.

    1. Hi Belinda – I am just passing on Michael Ketterer’s story but I agree with you. Thanks for the comment!

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