Are You Struggling Today?

Are You Struggling Today:  God is Not Done with You

I regularly see brothers and sisters that are struggling in their walks with Jesus. If you are one of them today, I just wanted to remind you that Jesus is not done with you. You will not the same person 5 days, 5 weeks, 5 years from now thanks to His ongoing work on you.

I know the “now” seems really pressing and problems in the present are big. As Jesus works, they will get smaller or you will get bigger in the Lord and better able to deal with them.

David started out a Shepherd, Gideon hiding, Moses started big but lost it all before he was usable, Paul needed to be blinded. God did a lot of work on them.  He took them far away from where they were when He started.  It is what He does.  He never leaves as person as He found them.

Just keep on walking with Him, it gets better.

Note: I posted this on social media but it seems like a message that lots of people need today.

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