Must Watch – John MacArthur talks with Ben Shapiro

Laser Focused on the Gospel

I did not know what to expect when pastor John MacArthur sat down for an interview with Ben Shapiro. MacArthur is a quality Bible teacher and impressive thinker who I have been listening to for years. We disagree on some doctrine but I have always respected his mind and heart for Jesus. Ben Shapiro is generally a political commentator who is also a conservative Jew with very strong opinions.

How would MacArthur handle the multitude of possible issues raised? Would this be a political rally? Would MacArthur tone down the message of Jesus to suit the audience? How did it go?

An Example of Faith

In short, John MacArthur does a wonderful job. I recommend watching for a multitude of reasons. He is direct and clear but also loving. He stands open and obviously for Jesus but respects the different views of his audience. What is more, when you listen to MacArthur’s answers it is obvious he is addressing the core issues of the faith in its appeal to Jews. He goes through Isaiah 53, for example, on multiple occasions. This is a chapter that tends to give Jews significant pause when discussing Jesus. He also beautifully ties together Shapiro’s view on the Constitution, an originalist, with his views on the Old Testament, Rabbinic Judaism pointing out the inherent contradiction in these viewpoints.

I want to make clear this video recommendation is not about Ben Shapiro and politics. Though there is some political discussion, it is not about supporting a particular position. Feel free to agree or disagree with MacArthur’s position.

Rather, it is simply a wonderful example of an intelligent, thoughtful Christian who has though deeply about big questions answering them but NEVER losing sight of what is most important – Preaching Jesus. He relentlessly returns to the Gospel and to Jesus out of love for the hearer.

We all can learn much from John MacArthur here.

Love to all,


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