The Chosen Season 2 Trailer – I Am So Excited!!!!

The Chosen is Back and It Looks Great

The new season of The Chosen premiers on Easter Sunday and I am so excited. My family watched the trailer last night. I now feel like a kid waiting for Christmas morning. It looks like it is going to be amazing! I can’t wait! The Chosen is just that good. It is my favorite work of Christian entertainment.

33 Great Christian Movies to Grow Your Faith

(I list The Chosen as #1 here, btw. There are so many great Christian films. The Chosen is just more of everything.)

My family all agree as well.

If you are a parent, please pay attention. My kids ages 7 through 19 all love The Chosen. It is universally their favorite show. My 13 year old has watched Season One eight times at last count. It is an accurate show about Jesus your kids will enjoy. You cannot underrate how important this can be for your child’s faith. It is not just kids who love the show, though. We watched The Chosen at church and everyone there did as well. My closest friends who are pastors raved about it as well. Even those who don’t like Christian movies think The Chosen is superbly done.

You cannot find that very often.

The Chosen is a crowd funded series about Jesus and the early church. Season One covered the earliest parts of the Gospels. It included amazing moments like the calling of the first disciples and Nicodemus meeting Jesus from John 3. Millions around the world have watched this series that started off as a short film for the director’s church. But a lot of people like a ton of terrible things, so:

Why do I love it? Why am I making such a big deal out of it?

The Chosen does a fantastic job of sharing the greatness of Jesus in a simple, relatable way without diluting Him. It includes some fictional aspects but stays faithful to the Gospel message and overall narrative. My review of Season One:

The Chosen is Amazing! – A Pastor’s Review

The Chosen shows Jesus as a real person without diminishing Him. It doesn’t shy away from showing Jesus as fully God and fully man, with all this involves. Jesus is shown as not only knowing the hearts of the people around him but also loving them tenderly and perfectly. He is depicted as the miracle worker and the One who faced down the Pharisees. He is also the Savior who wept over Jerusalem and allowed John to recline against Him during the Last Supper. Holiness is hard to depict in Christian culture without making it out as forbidding or cold. Love is difficult to show without expressing permissiveness. This is a hard balance to maintain. The Chosen pulls it off wonderfully.

The Chosen is not the Bible and should not be treated at all like the Bible. It can help you want to get to know the Jesus of the Bible more…or for the first time. It can appeal to people in ways they have never considered.

That is why it is amazing! It gets people to Jesus and that is wonderful.

If you haven’t watched Season One yet, go do so now so you are ready for Sunday!

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