The Resurrection Means He is Truly, Literally Risen!

A Solid Foundation for Faith

“He is Risen!” Do you understand the enormity of this simple statement?

It is huge! It sets Christianity apart from every other faith and their claims. Christianity was founded in public before thousands of hostile witnesses based on the impossible: a dead man coming back to life. It would have been easily disproven, if it were false, that is.

Was Jesus a Real Person? Part I: The Christian Evidence

Jesus lived in Israel at the time set out in the Bible, historians agree. The historical record also agrees He was crucified by the Romans under Pilate. Everyone knew He was dead. They saw Him on the Cross and knew where He was buried. Jesus was made a public spectacle. His enemies wanted to not only kill Him, but humiliate Him before all of Israel. What they meant for evil, God was using for good.

The entire city knew it was impossible when His followers claimed Jesus rose from the dead. “All the better to show my glory!“, God says.

What would you have said if you heard a man claimed to return from the dead 2,000 years ago? “Show me the evidence“, right? You would demand to see the man and the tomb. It was so easy to check out. That is exactly what the people of Israel did. Guess what happened?

The evidence proved exactly what the disciples claimed. They saw the empty tomb and the grave clothes left behind. They heard the testimony of the people who had no reason to lie. They had been crying and defeated three days before. Now they were celebrating. They saw Jesus, most importantly. Jesus was alive and with them. He wasn’t angry with their questions. He patiently showed them His scarred hands and feet. He was the evidence – Exhibit A of God’s proof of salvation for those willing. They heard the One who rose from the dead tell then tell them He conquered death on their behalf so they could be forgiven. It was wonderful news.

The explosive growth of the church that followed was not based on a story told third hand, therefore. You don’t face death for a fairy tale when it is based on your own witness. It was regular people who saw Jesus after they killed Him. Their lives were transformed as a result.

Is Your Gospel Worth Dying for?

Faith is never blind in Christian life. It was and is based on overwhelming evidence.

He is Risen is a bold claim. It is also trustworthy. Come to Jesus and learn how the Living God can change your life.

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