Peter’s Compromise Leads Him Away from Jesus – Sunday Sermon

You Cannot Serve God and Self

The Lord really spoke to me through this message from church.  It is about Peter and his betrayal of Jesus.  Peter’s denying Jesus is dramatic but the foundation for it is gradually built up.  It starts with a choice:  Who does Peter fear – God or man.

We have to answer that same question every day.  The thing is, our choice then follow in line with that choice.

You cannot serve God and Mammon, Jesus says.  You will love one and hate the other.  Hate the other – have you noticed this part.  Compromise in favor of anything other than Jesus results in enmity towards Jesus.

What or who are we serving today?

Worship is included so join our church family for the day!  You are very welcome!


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3 thoughts on “Peter’s Compromise Leads Him Away from Jesus – Sunday Sermon
  1. I would argue that his compromise turned him away from God temporarily so that he could be turned back to God eternally. Through his compromise he was forced to learn his purpose to feed the sheep of God.

    1. Hey man, sorry, I did not respond earlier. I agree with you completely and think the patterns of 3 denials of Jesus followed by the 3 questions of Jesus during the restoration of Peter on the beach highlight this point. Jesus knew exactly what Peter would do and how Jesus would use it to bring Peter back and make him an awesome servant of God. God bless you.

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