Elections, Jesus and Judas – Love Don’t Fret, Serve Don’t Hate

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Are you having a hard time with the Election? Feeling stressed and overwhelmed? Having difficulty dealing with your neighbor who loves Trump or Hilary while you find them detestable? Do you just want to go and punch them? How could they possibly do such a wicked thing? Why would Jesus want me to love them regardless of what they are doing to this country? How could Jesus expect me to speak with or join hands with someone who voted for Obama/Trump/Hilary? All good questions, right?  What would Jesus do – WWJD?

If we look at the life of Jesus we have the very clear answer of what He expects of us during this season of division and discontent in how Jesus treated Judas.  Yes, Judas, the guy who betrayed Jesus.  The guy who turned Jesus over to be tortured and killed.  The same Judas who really, really voted for the wrong side – the worst vote in all of history.  Jesus loved him until the very end.

We are very familiar with the Last Supper but do we realize that aside from the scene where Jesus is eating with his disciples depicted in the famous painting a lot more that just eating was going on.  According to John 13, after supper was eaten Jesus got up from the meal, girded himself and began to wash the feet of the disciples.  When it says that Jesus girded Himself, it means that he rearranged His clothing similar to how a slave would have at that time in order to complete the foot washing.  Jesus made Himself look like a slave while doing the job of a slave among those who should be His slaves.

Footwashing was gross…no way to fancy King James language this fact away.  It was washing the dirt and filth of life living in an agrarian society, aka lots of animals and their poop, from the stinky feet of others.  It was so gross that it was usually a sign of dishonor to wash feet, the lowest in stature among a group would do it if there were no slaves available.  Jesus voluntarily took up the job when His disciples thought they were too good for it.  He then tells them to look at what He did, it is an example for them in how to act – they should do for each other as He just did for them.  In a short time Jesus was going to the Cross for them and He was willingly washing their feet…because for God so loved the world He sent His only Son.

You know who was still there getting his feet washed by Jesus at this point?  Judas, yes, the guy who would betray Him.  The guy who would vote for the Pharisees and the Romans and Satan, that Judas.  Shocking isn’t it!

What is more shocking is the fact that Jesus knew what Judas was about to do and washed his feet anyway.  Jesus knelt before his betrayer and like a slave washed off the grime and filth from Judas feet in an act of love and service.

Jesus knew that the disciple He had taught for 3 years, who He had created, who He had loved, to whom He had given great power to and who He was going to die for was going to make the worst decision of all eternity…and Jesus loved and served him anyway.  Do you think voting for Trump or Hilary is a worse decision than serving Satan in the Crucifixion of Jesus?  Obviously not.  Why did Jesus do it, because that is how great and loving Jesus is regardless of how lost Judas was – it was a reflection of Jesus’ glory not the worthiness of Judas.

So how do we cut through the noise, chatter and anger of partisan election season?  By listening to what Jesus told His disciples to do — look at what Jesus did in service and love of even His worst enemy as an example and do the same even if the person you are loving and serving does not deserve it.  Why, because it is about Jesus, not elections!





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